The MANGO Chair supports the SMILE (Social Innovation Lab) project. The project aims to be a laboratory of social innovation, which channels the creative potential of young students. Using an open innovation platform and encouraging the participation of the community, innovative ideas and projects are generated on social and environmental challenges posed by different organizations.


In the 2nd edition of SMILE (2014/15), FiT Bicipark launched the challenge “How to promote sustainable mobility using the bicycle?” to a community of 3 schools. 3 workshops and a presentation of the final 8 projects were organized. The awarded-winning idea, selected by the jury, was “Growy – The bike that grows with you” from Claudia Casas and Laia Estrany of Escola Pia Santa Anna -Mataró.


In the 1st edition of SMILE (2013/14), the company MANGO, in partnership with AITEX, FiT and Sedatex, launched the challenge “How to improve clothing and fabric recycling” to a community of 7 schools (college, high school and vocational training). The project blog was created and 3 workshops and a presentation of the 8 finalist ideas were organized. Currently the applicability of the award-winning idea “Containers customized for stores” by Eva Comas of ELISAVA.

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